Runway length: 1500 mt (up to 2300 mt + 300 mt stop/clearway)

Runway width: 45 mt + 15 mt

Slope: i=0.0070

Potencial Airport Category: 4C

80 full free hectares for the airport area


Runway Magnetic Heading : 120-300




Important Distances:

23 NM, Ambra 14 international airway

3 NM, F.I.R. LIRR-LIBB separation

27 NM, VORTAC Teano

Main Airports in the nearby : Napoli Capodichino (49 NM, 15 min*),

Pescara (52 NM, 16 min*), Foggia (54 NM, 17 min*)

*hestimated time by turboprop airplanes, excluding takeoff and landing time





Some main distances of the airport from the road and railway network:




Geographic Coordinates

Latitude: 41°31'08.16"N

Longitude: 14°25'46.10"E

Altitude: 1690 ft



Limits on the usage:

-Airbus A319/A320/A321, maximum passengers number 200

-Boeing 737 maximum passengers number 170

-Cargo maximum load 25 ton




Some drawings from the engineeristic project: